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What Is Psychological Testing?

Psychological Testing/Assessments is an advanced process used to assess one’s strength in areas of need using standardized tests. An assessment involves a series of tests that measure factors such as intelligence, behaviour, emotions, and more.

Psychological assessments are crucial in understanding an individual’s mental and emotional well-being. At Onyx, we offer comprehensive clinical assessments and psychological testing services to provide insights into various aspects of mental health. These assessments are vital for diagnosing conditions, planning treatment, and evaluating progress.

Should I Consider Psychological Testing for Myself or My Child?

A psychological assessment can be an insightful tool for anyone looking to understand their needs better. It is especially beneficial for those facing:

  • Difficulties in school or work.
  • Emotional or behavioural challenges.
  • Complex mental health conditions.

The decision to pursue an assessment might arise when:

  • Signs of struggles with oral language, reading, writing, mathematics, or attention are observed in you or your child.
  • A child’s teacher observes and points out academic or behavioural challenges in the classroom.
  • There’s a desire for specific, targeted recommendations to secure additional services or support in educational or professional settings.
  • It’s a transitional phase, like moving from junior high to high school or high school to university, and an updated assessment might be beneficial.
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What is a Psychoeducational (Psych-ed) Assessment?

A psych-ed aims to gather a comprehensive picture of one’s learning profile. It is administered by a registered psychologist or psychometrist. A psych-ed explores one’s reasoning, academic, executive, socioemotional functioning, memory and attention skills through clinical interviews, observations, and interactive tests. The information gathered is often obtained from parents/guardians, teachers, spouses and/or allied health professionals. The findings gathered help inform accommodations and recommendations that can be put in place to overcome barriers in the classroom or work environment.

Who are Assessments for?

An assessment can benefit individuals of all ages and stages of life. We are comfortable assessing most age ranges, from children as young as 6 to older adults.

Assessments for Adults
Psychological assessments for adults are used to diagnose, set goals, and suggest treatment by collecting information about a person’s behaviour, character, strengths, and needs.

Assessments for Children & Adolescents
Assessments can help children and adolescents who struggle with academics, attention, and anxiety or show exceptional skills to receive information and necessary support.

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What are the types of assessment offered at Onyx?

Psychoeducational Assessments ($2200-$2860)
Assessments help to uncover any underlying problems, pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, and offer suggestions for enhancing performance.

Child ADHD Assessments ($2200-$2860)/Adult ADHD Assessments ($880-$1320)

Our assessments are personalized and aim to assist individual’s and their families in addressing any behavioral concerns they may have.

Giftedness Assessments ($880-$1320)
These assessments determine if a child can solve problems and reason logically above their age expectation and qualify for gifted programs. 

Post-Secondary/Test Accommodations Assessment ($2200-$2860)
Help identify any emotional, mental, or educational issues that may requires special accommodations.

Vocational Assessments ($1760-$2200)
Evaluate an individual’s competence, expertise, and potential in different fields to determine their job performance level and make informed decisions about their future employment.

Mental Health Assessments ($880-$1320)
In order to assess the need and person’s current functioning, determine a diagnosis, and create an appropriate treatment plan.

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What are the steps of Psychological Assessment at Onyx

Our Psychological Testing process ensures a thorough understanding of your needs:

What are the Risks and Benefits of a Psyched?



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Are you ready to book your assessment with our Registered Psychologist?

Assessments at Onyx consists of several sessions over several weeks. The time to complete and assessment will vary per client and their needs. We bill per hour, rather than a lump sum. If you are ready to find a solution to your current struggles we are here to help. Just follow these steps:

  1. Fill out a contact form and receive a call from Onyx within 24 business hours.
  2. During your call, we will discuss what’s going on and you can ask us any questions you may have.
  3. We will connect you with the our Psychometrist. 
  4. Start your assessment.

Other Services Offered at Onyx in Sherwood Park, AB

 At Onyx all of our services are available through online therapy to anyone in Alberta. We provide mental health services for the whole family. With therapy for adults, teen counselling, and family therapy. Along with depression treatment, trauma therapy, and therapy for relationship issues. For individuals and couples, we provide intimacy and sex therapyIf you are looking for a support group we also provide group counselling. Our Sherwood park therapists are here to support you in whatever way that you need. Contact us to get started.

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FAQs About Psychological Assessment

Is Psychological Assessment Confidential?

Yes, all information is kept private and secure.

How long does the Assessment process take?

Typically, an assessment from start to finish takes between 4-6 weeks. However, it can be completed in a shorter time frame based on availability. 

What do I need to bring with me to an assessment?

You will not need to bring anything to the initial intake interview and the psychologist will inform you if anything is needed for the subsequent sessions. 

What do I tell my child about an assessment?

We recommend being as transparent with your child as possible about the assessment process (using developmentally appropriate language, of course). The psychologist will work with you during the intake meeting to find the appropriate language to use to explain the process to your child and inform you what kind of tasks your child will be asked to complete. 

When should my child first be assessed?

We recommend initial assessments around grade 3 (age 8), to allow students to be exposed to early literacy and numeracy skills prior to an assessment. 

Do I need a referral?

No, you do not need a referral – however, an assessment is often suggested by a teacher, tutor, coach or doctor. 

Why would I get an assessment done privately?

In publicly funded school boards across Alberta, an assessment may be recommended by your child’s school support team. If your child is referred for one within their school, it is free and performed at your child’s school by a psychologist or psychometrist. Unfortunately, wait times for a psychoeducational assessment through school boards can range from several months to years. Every school board is different and wait times vary.

Who conducts Psychological testing?

At Onyx, Psychological Testing is carried out by highly trained and experienced psychologists and psychometrists. They are skilled in selecting, administering, and interpreting the results of various psychological tests. Learn more about our qualified professionals who can assist with your assessment needs.

What is a Psychometrist?

A psychometrist is an individual who has extensive training in the administration and scoring of psychological assessment measures. Psychometrists complete the testing aspect of the assessment. The registered psychologist is responsible to interpret the test results and write the final report. If a psychometrist is used to complete testing, the psychologist will make it clear and obtain consent prior to booking in the assessment appointments. 

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