Sex Therapy: Transforming Intimacy and Enhancing Connection

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In relationships and personal lives, sexual health and intimacy can play a vital role in overall well-being and satisfaction. Sex Therapy at Onyx is a specialized service that addresses various sexual concerns, helping individuals and couples navigate complex sexual issues with understanding and compassion.


What Is Sex Therapy?

Sex Therapy is a specialized field of therapy focusing on sexual functioning, satisfaction, and the psychological aspects of sex and relationships. It’s a confidential and judgment-free environment where clients can openly discuss sexual challenges with a trained therapist.


Who Can Benefit from Sex Therapy?

Anyone experiencing challenges related to sexual functioning, desire, satisfaction, or intimacy can benefit from Sex Therapy. Whether it’s individual concerns or issues within a relationship, our therapists are here to support you.


The Process of Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s tailored to each client’s unique needs and concerns:

Assessment: Understanding the underlying issues.

Goal Setting: Creating a customized treatment plan.

Therapeutic Techniques: Implementing strategies to enhance sexual health.


Common Concerns Addressed in Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy can address a wide range of concerns, including but not limited to:

Why Choose Onyx for Sex Therapy?

Choosing Onyx for Sex Therapy means you are entrusting your intimate concerns with seasoned professionals who understand the sensitivity of sexual matters. We strive to create a comfortable and secure space for you to explore your concerns.

Find more about our therapists’ qualifications and expertise to ensure the best fit for your needs.

FAQs About Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy at Onyx provides an opportunity to explore and transform the sexual aspects of your life in a safe and professional environment. Our trained therapists are committed to helping you enhance intimacy, address sexual concerns, and foster a fulfilling sexual connection. If you or your partner are facing challenges related to sex, consider the supportive environment of Sex Therapy at Onyx.

Sex Therapy For Individuals & Couples

These and so many other common questions are the reasons why our clients come to Onyx for sexual relationship counselling.

Sexual concerns are more common than you might expect.

Yet, many people have difficulty addressing these matters. For reasons including stigma, lack of social support, societal views, traumatic experiences, and oppressive experiences. As well as religious, cultural, and family beliefs. Many people struggle with sexual performance anxiety, functioning, lack of drive, and desire. While others just need guidance from a therapist for improving sexual intimacy and/or connection. You are not alone. 

Sex therapy is a type of specialized talk therapy that addresses a person’s or relationship’s sexual intimacy and health. In addition to factors that impact their sexual well-being and satisfaction. 


Why is sex therapy & intimacy counselling important?


Our current views about sex are typically based on societal values and influences. In addition to preconceived notions, people and relationships have the added pressures of life. Such as busyness, exhaustion, taking care of others, relationship struggles, and negative past experiences. All of which contribute to a decline in pleasure, intimacy, desire, and connection.

We might find that over a lifetime, our perspectives and experiences with sex/sexuality can create differences in sexual desire or drive in our relationships. This can create shame, blame, and difficulty in communication. Life events such as illness, age, infidelity, grief and loss, childbirth, and traumatic experiences can also deeply impact our relationship with sex, desire, and pleasure.

We believe that sex, sexuality, and pleasure are natural expressions and vital to a person’s wellbeing. 

Is your mental and emotional health and/or relationship deeply affected by your sexual functioning? Then sex therapy and intimacy counselling may be a good fit for you.

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Common Reasons People Seek Sex Therapy & Intimacy Counselling.

Improve Your Connection with Sex, Sexuality, and Pleasure in Sexual Relationship Counselling.

Benefits of Sex Therapy & Intimacy Counselling.

Sex therapy allows us to explore, understand, and develop awareness about our attitudes, perceptions, and beliefs about sex, sexuality, and pleasure. It is a place to work through messages of shame around sex and sexuality. Improving our sex life can improve so many other aspects of our life such as our confidence and mental health.

We can help with:

Why Trust Onyx With Your Sex Life?

Our Edmonton therapists have specialized training in sex therapy. Which makes us qualified in navigating the nuances of sexuality and how it plays a role in our life. We provide a safe, nonjudgmental, trusting, and respectful space for you to be vulnerable. In addition to exploring and expressing your sexuality. Our therapists are sex-positive and advocate for sexual freedom/liberation and expression without fear, shame, blame, or judgment. We support the courage and commitment it takes for our clients to show up and engage in the hard work through therapy. 

At Onyx, we have seen the effects of life challenges and major transitions on people’s sex lives. Past experiences including traumatic sexual experiences, guilt, and shame, can all have negative impacts on sexual functioning. Oftentimes, couples come to sexual relationship counselling because they struggle with declining connection, intimacy, and desire.

Whatever you are dealing with, you are not alone. Our intimacy therapists are there to support you with education, tools, and strategies. So that you can redefine what sex and sexuality mean to you and tune in to what feels pleasurable. As well as explore new sexual territory, heal from past painful events, and work toward healthier and more satisfying sexual functioning.

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Our Approach to Sex Therapy in Sherwood Park, AB

As a part of sex therapy and intimacy counselling we will work to identify what an individual or a couple wants to achieve. Our understanding therapists create a safe and open space to talk to your comfort level. Allowing you to work towards identifying your past and present sexual challenges. In our society, the ‘solutions’ to problems involving sex create more problems. We are here to find solutions that actually address the underlying or root problem. We offer a safe, unbiased, and effective therapeutic treatment for sexual issues. 

Our approach at Onyx in Sherwood Park, AB may include sex education/psychoeducation to help identify biases and redefine new values. Helping you to tune in to your own needs – what feels right, good, and pleasurable. Facilitating better communication skills about your sexual needs, wants, and desires with your partner/s. As well as offering skills, tools, and strategies to help you cope and improve sexual wellbeing and functioning.

Ready to start sex therapy in Sherwood Park, AB?

At Onyx our sex therapy sessions are 50 minutes long. To ensure there is plenty of time to work through your sexual intimacy concerns. Our intimacy therapists are here to support you and your sexual health. In order to get started in intimacy counselling following these steps:

  1. Reach out and receive a call from Onyx within 24 business hours.
  2. We will connect you with the best Edmonton therapist for you.
  3. Start experiencing the benefits of a happy and healthy relationship with your sex life. 

Other Services Offered at Onyx near Edmonton, AB

Our therapists in Sherwood Park, AB provide therapy services for the whole family. With adult therapy, teen counselling, and family therapy. Along with depression treatment, trauma therapy, and PTSD treatment. As well as, therapy for relationship issues, couples therapy, and group counselling. We are here to support you in whatever way that you need. With online therapy, all of the services at Onyx are available to anyone in Alberta. Contact us to get started in therapy.

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*Although we work to improve sexual functioning, desire, and pleasure. We are not equipped to work with individuals who cause harm to others and/or engage in illegal and non-consensual sexual behaviors. Or where severe domestic violence is present or serious. As well as where active and untreated mental health disorder exists.
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Our goal in sex therapy, as Sherwood Park therapists, is to help you find sexual liberation. Let’s liberate ourselves from what society tells us about sex, sexuality, gender, and pleasure. We are here to help you attune to and communicate your wants and needs. So that you can experience the sex life that you want. In sex therapy and intimacy counselling, we want you to feel good, experience what is pleasurable, and have healthy and satisfying sexual experiences. At Onyx we want to help you to move past the shame and guilt, and to create autonomy over your needs. We want to facilitate the removal of mental and emotional obstacles that are keeping you from experiencing the sex life that you desire. As well as improve your relationship with sex and pleasure. In sexual relationship counselling we will support your choices and needs while helping you to communicate and navigate them within your relationship. Additionally, our therapists understand that a person’s sex life may include no sex.