Online Therapy Alberta:Your Virtual Path to Healing

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In today’s fast-paced world, accessing quality mental health support from anywhere has never been more important. Online Therapy, Alberta at Onyx, provides a platform for individuals, couples, and families to connect with licensed therapists without leaving their homes.

What is Online Therapy?

Online Therapy Alberta is a service that uses secure video conferencing to connect you with experienced therapists. Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, or other mental health challenges, this service provides an accessible and effective solution.

Who Can Benefit from Online Therapy?

Online Therapy Sherwood Park is suitable for individuals, couples, and families seeking support for various mental health and relational issues.

Our Approach to Online Therapy 

Our approach to online therapy focuses on the following: Personalized Care: Tailoring therapy to your specific needs. Licensed Therapists: Professionals with diverse expertise. Secure Technology: Utilizing secure platforms for confidentiality. Feel free to browse our therapists’ bios to find the right fit for you.

Online Therapy for Individuals & Couples in Alberta

Our online therapists understand that each person’s situation is unique. Plus with the ongoing demand for counselling services, we think it is essential that Albertans have access to the mental health supports that they need. We offer easy-to-navigate online therapy services to fit your needs. Our goal is to eliminate any obstacles that could be getting in the way of getting the support you need.

How Online Counselling Works

Online therapy consists of phone and video sessions and is an effective modality for therapy. At Onyx, we provide online counselling sessions using a secure and encrypted platform. 

It is understandable that using technology can cause some uncertainty, especially if a platform is new. We assure you that we will do our best to make the transition to online therapy sessions as seamless as possible because we want this to work well for you. Our online therapists are here to help and support you.

Reasons for Choosing Online Therapy Might Include:

Infidelity Affect Relationships and online therapy

No Matter Where You Are in Alberta We Can Help

Online therapy sessions can also be a great way to supplement your in-person therapy. Meaning not missing an in-person session for reasons that are sometimes out of your control. Instead, having access to online counseling ensures that you don’t miss a session and you still have momentum in therapy.


Online therapy works well for children and teens who might be anxious about meeting in person. Youth these days are typically comfortable with the use of technology. So they are open to accessing online counselling. As long as they have a private and confidential environment to speak with their therapist.


Meeting virtually is also beneficial for attending mental health workshops and/or group therapy. Many online therapists now have access to various secure platforms designed specifically for health and mental health care. Making it easier and more convenient to access therapy options.


At Onyx we understand the demands of working on shifts or away from home. Online therapy allows individuals and couples to still access counselling. From multiple locations in Alberta so that you stay up-to-date with your sessions. 


If you live in rural Alberta or have limited access to specialized services or therapists, then virtual counselling may be a fit for you. 

Online Therapy Treatment Options

At Onyx, we work with individuals, couples, and families and offer the same services through online counselling. It is just as effective as in-person therapy and helps make mental health support more accessible. You can connect with our online therapists to address concerns including:

Benefits & Limitations of Online Counselling

It is important to note that there are limitations to online counselling that can affect the quality of the sessions. These limitations include but are not limited to the following:


Why Trust Onyx with Your Online Therapy.

Onyx offers safe and secure video conferencing compliant with Alberta’s Health Information Act as well as the Personal Information Protection Act. As always, we offer professional, approachable evidence-based therapy that you can access from the comfort of your home or office. Studies show that online therapy is just as effective as in-person. Expect to have the same level of personal and consistent care, with your online counselling sessions.

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What to Expect with Online Therapy

Ready to Start Online Therapy in Alberta?

Our skilled online therapists can support you in your mental health and wellness journey. With online therapy whether you are in Sherwood Park, Edmonton, or rural Alberta we are here for you. If you are ready to start therapy at Onyx then follow these simple steps:

  1.  Reach out and get a call back from Onyx within 24 business hours.
  2. Start meeting with the best online therapist for you.
  3. Enjoy the benefits of counselling from home.
Mental Health Counselling Services At Onyx in Alberta

Our online therapists provide therapy services for the whole family. With individual adult therapyteen therapy, and family counseling. And sex therapy, trauma therapy, depression counselling, and relationship therapy. As well as Edmonton couples counselling, and group counselling. Onyx is here to support you during your mental health and wellness journey. Contact us to get started in therapy.

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FAQs About Online Therapy Sherwood Park

If you have questions about Online Therapy Sherwood Park, we’re here to help. Common queries include:

Is Online Therapy Effective?: Yes, research supports its efficacy.

How Does Payment Work?: Various options are available.

Online Therapy Sherwood Park at Onyx offers a convenient, effective, and secure way to engage in therapy. Whether you’re seeking individual therapy or support for relationships, our professional team is ready to assist. If you’re in the Sherwood Park area and considering online therapy, we invite you to explore this flexible option.

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