Vanna Kitzler

Vanna Kitzler

  • Position: Mental Health Therapist
  • Experience: Master of Arts (Counselling Psychology)
  • Location: Sherwood Park, AB
  • Email:
  • Phone: (587) 745-2662
  • Regulatory or Governing Body/Professional Association: Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA)
  • Registration #:
  • Fees: $100/hr plus GST *Mental Health Therapists are not covered by insurance
  • Availability: Mondays, Tuesdays & Saturdays
  • Sessions: In Person & Virtual
  • Direct Billing/Insurance: Not covered by Insurance

About Vanna Kitzler

Mental Health Therapist

Fees: $100/hr plus GST *Mental Health Therapists are not covered by insurance

I work with youth, teens, and parents navigating challenging times in their kids' lives. I also work with adults living with mental health challenges and life stressors.

Working in mental health and specifically with youth/teens, has always felt like my calling. I started my work in mental health as a community support worker for The Cridge Centre for the Family (BC) during my undergraduate degree in Sociology/Psychology. I then started working with adults as an addiction outreach worker for the vulnerable unhoused community in downtown Victoria. From there, I worked with children and youth with mental health challenges at Victoria General Hospital, Queen Alexandra Hospital as a child youth counsellor (both in BC) and as an addictions counsellor at Alberta Hospital Edmonton. I also spent time volunteering as a crisis responder at Kids Help Line, dealing with active suicidal ideation and mental health crises.

I often include parents in treatment because I believe in the collectiveness of the family and in creating an environment that allows everyone to thrive. So many parents are unsure of how to work with their children and don’t understand why their child is suffering the way they are. There can be a lot of guilt and anxiety when we don’t have the tools we need to navigate difficult situations. Many parents also feel that they are unable to take time for themselves and feel overwhelmed with doubt. My goal is to work with families so that everyone feels that their needs are being heard and that they feel supported as we create change.

My passion for counselling extends to working with adults who are living with mental health challenges, including but not limited to depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, substance use concerns, personality disorders, and trauma. From my extensive experience of counselling adults in various environments – homeless shelters, hospitals, homes, and offices – I have a diverse understanding of the way environments impacts our emotions, communication styles, attachments, and behaviours.

I want to help my clients understand their struggles and learn new coping techniques.

My favourite part of this job is helping clients understand what is going on for them in a deeper way so we can get down to the root of the problem. Being a teenager now is more difficult than it has ever been. The pressures of school, friends, family, and social media can be overwhelming. When we become overwhelmed by our emotions without having the proper tools to manage them, we can turn to maladaptive coping techniques such as substance use, self-harming, and isolation. This is especially true for youth and teens who are doing their best to navigate these incredible pressures.

My goal is to help my clients understand their struggles and gain control over their emotional responses and behaviour. Having the ability to know your emotions and utilize healthy coping techniques allows you to move through life and get back to your typical activities without feeling restricted by mental health challenges. It also opens the lines of communication between parents who are striving for connection and youth/teens who want to establish their independence.

I use a person-centred approach to meet my clients where they are and help them get where they want to go.

So often, my clients come to me with a feeling of being stuck or isolated; they have lost hope that things can get better. Teenagers, like everyone else, want nothing more than to be understood, accepted, and to be freed from their stress. They want to feel a sense of belonging. Parents want to know their child is safe so they can put down their worries and know that they are making the right choices for their kids.

My approach to therapy is person-centred and free from judgment, blame, or shame. All emotions and all experiences are welcome here. Together we will look at the barriers you are facing now and create strategies to overcome them so you can create new and exciting goals for yourself and your family.

Let’s work together to help you reach your goals and feel like yourself again.

Whether you are a youth/teen, an adult, or a parent reading this, I want you to know you are not alone. Many people suffer in isolation, believing their experience is abnormal and no one will understand them. I promise you what you are experiencing is normal, and I do understand. Let’s work together to create the change you want and need in your life.

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